With over 100 experienced surveyors, we are one of the largest independent CICAIR Approved Inspectors in England. Our regional teams of expert building control surveyors work throughout England and Wales, providing building control services for all types of new builds, extensions, and alterations.

What Are Approved Inspectors?

Approved Inspectors are businesses which work in the private sector providing building control services. Approved Inspectors are regulated by the Construction Industry Council (CICAIR) to advise and guide clients about the Building Regulations.

As an Approved Inspector, Stroma Building Control is able to provide a proactive, client-led service to make building control approval simple for clients. Operating nationally, we can also draw on the breadth of experience of over 100 surveyors to deliver specialist advice to clients about a range of project developments and types.

The Role Of An Approved Inspector

An Approved Inspector works with a client throughout the construction process. They offer advice and check that any building work undertaken is done in compliance with the Building Regulations. This includes taking responsibility for plan checking and inspecting any building work through a series of site inspections.

When you appoint Stroma Building Control, we will jointly notify your local authority of your intended building work. This is done via an Initial Notice submission to the local authority. This Initial Notice allows Stroma to assume the role of the building control body for your project. As part of this role, we carry out a plan check before works start, site inspections during construction, and issue you a Final Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the works.

An Approved Inspector’s Role Includes: 

  • Giving advice about how the Building Regulations apply to your work
  • Checking your plans
  • Inspecting the work as it progresses
  • Issuing a final certificate

Registering As An Approved Inspector

All Approved Inspectors are required to be registered with CICAIR; the body responsible for issuing a license to operate. Stroma Building Control achieve re-approval for our license every five years and undergo a strict quality and technical audit of our operational processes.

In order to maintain approval, Stroma Building Control must also abide by the CICAIR Code of Conduct. Further information about this can be found on the CICAIR website

You can also view Stroma Building Control’s approval status on the CICAIR register. 


Appoint Stroma Building Control as Your Approved Inspector

Stroma Building Control has a national network of offices across England and Wales. We will introduce you to one of our Building Control Surveyors within your local area to offer professional, reliable, and accessible support throughout your project.  

All our surveyors are highly experienced across a range of different project types and are ready to support you. 

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