First Steps

The first stage of any complaint is for you to contact the builder/ contractor when the works relate to the faults with the build quality and/ or to liaise with the local Stroma Building Control Registered Building Inspector appointed for your project directly to try and reach a successful resolution. They should be given the opportunity to resolve the issues that you are having with your property before it is escalated under the Stroma Building Control Complaints Policy. If the complaint does not relate to the actions of the builder, contractor, or registered building inspector, please proceed to Step 2 to submit a complaint to Stroma Builder Control.

Where the registered building inspector does not respond to your complaint satisfactorily, please proceed to step 2 below and submit a formal complaint to Stroma Building Control.

With all building work, the owner and occupier of the property or land in question is ultimately responsible for complying with the relevant planning rules and building regulations. The role of building control is to act as an independent third-party check, and Registered Building Control Approvers are required to take such steps as are reasonable to enable them to be satisfied, within the limits of professional skill and care, that the applicable aspects of the Building Regulations are complied with.

Please note that if the complaint is relating to financial or contractual matters, this is outside of the complaint remit of Stroma Building Control. We recommend that you contact one of the third-party bodies detailed in Step 3. We would also recommend that you take independent legal advice as you may need to make a claim through the courts to retrieve any monies owed to you.

Contact Stroma Building Control

If you would like to make a complaint to Stroma Building Control, please contact us using one of the following options to seek a resolution:

Online - Fill in the Complaint Form

Email – Submit an email to

Post – Write to 17 Morston Court, Kingswood, Lakeside, Cannock, WS11 8JB

Telephone – Call 0345 621 1116

You can read the full complaints policy by clicking here.

Stroma Building Control will confirm receipt of your complaint and ensure it is processed in accordance with the Complaints Policy requirements. If you need to contact Stroma Building Control during the complaint investigation or provide evidence to support your complaint, please email

Additional Support Services

If Stroma Building Control is unable to resolve your complaint you may be referred to one of the following bodies. Stroma Building Control may also refer the complaint to them as part of the complaint investigation for the matter to be fully dealt with.

Citizens Advice
Tel: 03454 04 05 06

Trading Standards
Tel: 03454 04 05 06


What is the role of Stroma Building Control?

Our role as a Registered Building Control Approver is to provide guidance and assistance in relation to the Building Regulations and to carry out reasonable checks to ensure that building works undertaken to comply with these Regulations; however, we do not provide a guarantee of compliance with the Building Regulations. We certify that as far as can be ascertained the works meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.

In order to discharge this duty and allow us to issue a Building Control Final Certificate, we conduct a detailed assessment of any architectural drawings issued and carry out periodic site inspections during construction. These inspections are to carry out reasonable checks of the building works; however, we are not employed to act as a Clerk of Works in order to monitor every stage of the construction process, and the onus remains with the person carrying out the works to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations.

Where a complaint is outside of this remit, there may not be any action that we can take and therefore the matter may need to be taken up with the appointed builder/ contractor.

What is Not the role of Stroma Building Control?

Our role as a Registered Building Control Approver is not to:

  • Provide quality control of the works carried out on the property.
  • Provide a ‘clerk of works’ service monitoring every stage of the construction process.
  • Provide services relating to the finish and aesthetics of the works completed.
  • Provide a service offering contractual protection between the person carrying out the work and the parties engaged in the design/ construction work.
  • Provide a guarantee of compliance with the Building Regulations.

For complaints of this nature, Stroma Building Control would not be able to investigate under our Complaints Policy; however, please contact the appointed registered building inspector and they may be able to provide additional guidance on who to contact to try and resolve your issue.

What complaints are Stroma Building Control not able to help with?

Our role as a Registered Building Control Approver and our complaints process does not cover the following works. We have, however, provided recommendations on who you should direct your complaint to:

  • Party walls - Independent Party Wall Surveyor
  • Noise levels - Local authority Environmental Health department
  • Hours of work - Local authority Environmental Health department
  • Parking issues - Local authority
  • Dirt and rubbish - Local authority Environmental Health department

If Stroma Building Control receives a complaint about the above reason(s), we will not be able to help and reporting it to us may delay suitable action being taken by the appropriate third party.

How can I submit feedback on the way my complaint has been handled?

Feedback on the process undertaken by Stroma Building Control in addressing your complaint can be sent to

What if I am not satisfied with how Stroma Building Control have dealt with my complaint?

If you remain dissatisfied with the complaint decision, you can make a formal complaint to our awarding body as detailed in our Complaints Policy.