Stroma Building Control partners with a range of leading warranty providers, offering structural warranty products for our Building Control clients. 

Our Structural Warranty Providers 


Specialising in self-build and multi-plot developments, covering all of England and Wales


National provider with offices in Warrington, London, and Birmingham


Provider of new home warranties alongside warranties for niche projects

What Is a Structural Warranty?

A structural warranty (or new build warranty as it is also referred to) is a type of insurance policy that is required on new build developments. Whilst ultimately being a requirement of the mortgage providers, it also offers homeowners added peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected and that the building is safe and secure.  

It helps protect against potential structural defects – including structural damage caused by faults in the design, construction, or materials of a new build, conversion or completed project.

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Contact our specialist warranty team to see how we can help you find a warranty partner and provide our on-site technical audit services on their behalf

How can Stroma help with your Structural Warranty?

The technical checks required before a warranty certificate can be issued are very similar to those required for building control. As such, Stroma can provide this technical audit service for your new build home or development.

If you choose to work with Stroma Building Control and one of our structural warranty partners, we will extend our building control site inspector cover to inspect the work on behalf of the warranty provider. 

This provides you with the additional benefit of your building inspector being the single point of contact for both Building Control and warranty site cover, and it also removes any confusion and the inconvenience of having multiple professionals inspecting your work.

The warranty products provided by our warranty partners are:

  • Accredited and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Underwritten by leading insurers, covering residential and commercial developments
  • Long-term warranties against building defects and associated costs
  • Satisfy mortgage lending requirements from a recognised provider
  • Peace of mind to buyers from a reliable and credible insurance policy

“We maintain close relationships with our warranty partners. Our dedicated and bespoke warranty products offer peace of mind on any building project.” 

 - Richard Serrell, Warranty Manager