Stroma Building Control’s values promote trust, compliance, and sustainability, helping preserve and protect our planet.

Stroma Building Control realises that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is integral to running a reputable and profitable business. We are responsible for considering and managing the economic, social, and environmental effects of our business operations. Through constant dialogue with our stakeholders - not only employees, clients, and suppliers, but society as a whole - we can identify needs and expectations and go beyond the legal requirements to meet them.

Investing in People 

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we recruit individuals from all social, cultural, and employment backgrounds. To protect vulnerable people, we unite to prevent acts of slavery and human trafficking across the business and supply-chain, as reflected in our Anti-Slavery Policy. 

We recognise our responsibility in helping to upskill the workforce within the built environment.  

The Next Generation Of Building Control Inspectors

The Stroma Building Control Training Academy was launched to support professional development through the Chartered Association of Building Engineers, whether you’re a University graduate, a construction professional, a new recruit to the construction industry, or an existing inspector. 

Training programs are available across the business, utilising the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy. 

Protecting our Environment

We are committed to the promotion of energy-efficient, sustainable, and compliant buildings throughout the construction lifecycle and RIBA Plan of Work.

We all share a responsibility to create communities and developments that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

Our four key environmental objectives are:

  1. Commitment to sustainable design.
  2. Reduction of the company's carbon footprint.
  3. Identification and promotion of energy-efficient practices.
  4. Involvement in industry initiatives to enhance sustainable strategy.

As a leading authority on building compliance, our most significant environmental contribution is through the provision of services that assist clients in complying with the necessary legislation.

However, we also realise the importance of practising what we preach and are currently involved in various industry initiatives to identify and promote best practices for protecting the environment and conserving energy. In particular, Stroma Building Control will be addressing the energy efficiency of existing building stock with a view to developing improvement strategies for meeting Government CO2 emission targets.

On a day-to-day basis, we attempt to minimise energy consumption and wastage, maintaining straightforward energy efficient practice, whether on-site or in the office, by:

  • Turning off lights and equipment when not required
  • Using energy-saving features on equipment
  • Recycling wherever possible

Growing the Economy

We aim to make a positive economic impact by supporting local businesses and the communities we operate within, including helping to develop the economy at a national and global level.

We’re working on large-scale projects across the UK, including the redevelopment of local towns, large commercial and retail units, and national infrastructure projects, such as HS2.

Supporting Charities & Local Communities

Whether it’s local charities or ones which support global initiatives, we actively encourage charitable work and fundraising through annual activities and social events.