04 Jul, 2019

Stroma Building Control has partnered with the University College of Estate Management (UCEM) to offer a new BSc Hons degree in Building Control, with the first students being enrolled this coming September 2019.

The degree has been developed by UCEM, Stroma and other industry stakeholders, directly in response to the growing skills shortage within the Building Control industry. The lack of a recognised qualification in Building Control was highlighted by Stroma as a key factor in the loss of talent into other careers across the construction industry.

"We were increasingly seeing Approved Inspectors and Local Authority Building Control competing in a very shallow talent pool for Building Control Surveyors. There is an absolute need for the industry to invest in finding and training the next generation of surveyors. I’m delighted that our work with the UCEM has resulted in founding what is one of only two degrees available in Building Control."

Jonathan Gallie, Stroma Group HR Director

The degree is a part-time course over 4 years, with the intention that Surveyors can progress their education whilst gaining practical experience working for an Approved Inspector such as Stroma Building Control. Upon completion of the degree programme, students will be able to progress to attain professional status with the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE).

Partnering with the UCEM

"The industry is in desperate need of more qualified professional building control resources and the launch of our new Level 6 Building Control Surveyor Degree Apprenticeship alongside our BSc (Hons) Building Control programme will help to fill the skills gap in this crucial area."

Ashley Wheaton, Principal of UCEM

The launch of the BSc honours degree in Building Control is the latest sign of Stroma Groups commitment to planning the future of the Building Control profession. In May 2019, Stroma launched its Building Control Academy – a two-year programme for existing Building Control employees designed to provide formal training allowing surveyor to progress to attain CABE membership. With more than 120 surveyors now employed across England and Wales, the investment made by Stroma is supporting the delivery of professionally qualified experts to work with residential and commercial building project teams across the country.

"This degree represents a significant investment in the training and education of experienced surveyors and the surveyors of the future. I’m pleased that Stroma has taken a leading role in the creation of this dedicated qualification for our industry."

Steve Lonsdale, Managing Director of Stroma Building Control

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