07 May, 2024

Background: In line with the Building Safety Act 2022, a significant shift has occurred in the industry of building control. Effective April 6, 2024, Approved Inspectors have been replaced by registered Building Control Approvers (BCAs). This transition marks the most significant change in building control since the enactment of the Building Act of 1984.

Stroma Building Control's Approach: Stroma Building Control embarked on preparations immediately upon the announcement of this transition. We diligently crafted our application for registration as BCAs, a process that entailed comprehensive documentation of company policies, procedures, and processes. This meticulous preparation underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards of competency in our field.

We are pleased to announce that our application was successful, and we are among the inaugural BCAs listed on the register starting April 6, 2024. Furthermore, individual building inspectors within our firm are diligently preparing to complete the requisite competency exams ahead of the July deadline, with the vast majority of our personnel having already completed this piece of work.

What Does This Mean for Your Project? Registered BCAs and building inspectors will play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance and safety standards on construction projects. It is imperative for project stakeholders to engage a registered BCA who possesses the expertise and experience relevant to the project scope.

Registration Classes and Building Categories: The BSR scheme categorizes BCAs into four registration classes, each tailored to specific building categories. These classes delineate the scope of work that BCAs are authorised to undertake, ensuring that they are equipped to handle projects of varying complexity and risk levels.

·        Class 1: Suitable for supervised work or trainees

·        Class 2: Authorised for unsupervised work on specific building categories up to 18m in height

·        Class 3: Authorised for unsupervised work on broader building categories, including higher-risk projects and other buildings over 18m in height

Looking Ahead: As a registered BCA under the BSR scheme, Stroma Building Control is poised to navigate the evolving landscape of building control with confidence. Our commitment to excellence and proficiency ensures that we are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including complex and non-standard projects.

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