26 Jan, 2021

We recently spoke to Stroma Building Control’s Joel Ashby, who in December, was promoted to Director of Stroma Building Control’s South Residential team.

What does it mean for you personally?

It shows my commitment to Stroma and the team. I have always worked hard and been grateful for the opportunities given to me. I have been fortunate to work with some great people over the years and I always try and take some of the best bits I find to develop myself further.

How will it benefit the company?

The focus was to strengthen the residential side of the business. It is a crucial part of what we do. So, it was important for somebody to take the role who understands the core value of this aspect of Stroma Building Control. Hopefully that’s me!

The team needed someone who could communicate well across the division. We will do well if we do the simple things right. I am always looking for ways to improve what we do and I hope some of the ideals that I live by, such as fairness, integrity and commitment, inspire others to progress.

I am also lucky to have support from Mark Ringshall who is the North Residential Director. We have worked together for several years and have the same work ethic.

When did you change to your new role?

I changed roles in December, but through the summer I assisted with the South East as an Associate Director along with my West London role, which helped me understand the dynamics of the teams and area I would be working with.

What have you been working on in the past year?

As we all know, last year was difficult for all. COVID has put a strain on all parts of life. I have mainly been working with the administrative team, surveyors and managers to see us through a challenging period. I am glad to say, we have made it through, and I am proud to have some great people around me who go the extra mile on a daily basis.

I have also been working on the final stages of my ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management. It has been a tough balance with work and family life, but it is good to be near the end.

What are the plans for Stroma Building Control’s Residential arm in the coming year?

We will be working to ensure we provide the best possible service to those that have been loyal in a challenging year and make connections with new clients where possible. This year is going to be important for us, hopefully, we can all get through COVID and everyone can get vaccinated so we can move back to a normal life. There’s definitely room for the company to grow.

We will continue working with the academy members. I am really keen to give back some of the help I have received, and it is always great to see people coming through the industry.

Moving forward we’ll also be looking at how the industry may change in the future and make sure we are in the best place to adapt.

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