02 Mar, 2021

Stroma Building Control’s, Kevin Lynch, who works as a Building Control Surveyor has recently achieved CABE Chartership. In celebration of his achievement, we spoke to him about what the chartership meant to him, how it will benefit Stroma and what he’s looking forward to in the coming year.

What does it mean for you personally?

It’s a combination of CPD, showing that you have actually learned it and that you can do your job to a certain ability, it also helps me keep up to date with every change in the Building Regulations.

How will it benefit the company?

Doing something like the CABE chartership helps to keep everyone up to date with the changing Building Regulations. This is particularly important in light of the Grenfell enquiry. There’s more emphasis on understanding of the changes in regulations when you take on the CABE Chartership.

What is the route to become CABE chartered?

You submit a technical report and a portfolio to demonstrate your competency. You use the technical report as a breakdown of how you meet the technical competencies. Some of them are very day-to-day, others will be developed on the route of the technical report. It took about 2 years to complete and, I think, finding the time is the big thing as we’re always really busy. Using the CPD to your advantage is a good way to move forward. I would also recommend choosing a project that’s interesting and where there are direct issues had to be addressed.

What are you looking forward to working on in the coming year?

Some more special projects including flat designs. My technical report for the CABE Chartership was on multi-storey flats. Taking on more complex projects like that, there is often several layers to them.

What kinds of issues do you think will be a big focus for the Building Control industry in the coming year?

The obvious one is Approved Document B. In the wake of Hackett enquiry and the publication of Building a Safer Future by the HSE and all related changes to guidance. The industry being reformed at all levels with significant changes to be made to standard procedures and codes of practise. They are the ones most talked about after Grenfell and will affect the industry at levels. Approved Document F and L will also undergo revision with more emphasis being placed on ventilation and thermal comfort,

Is CABE Chartership something you would recommend to your colleagues?

It’s the most direct way to learn Building Control as a broader subject.

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