17 Nov, 2023

As we acclimate to the adjustments introduced by the Amendment Building Regulations 2023, this comprehensive guide aims to delineate the scope of services our professionals offer and clarify aspects beyond our purview.

Our Technical Team's Responsibilities:

  1. Pre-sub Advice: Offering advisory services on schemes in the pipeline.
  2. Design and Construction Phase Advice: Providing counsel where we possess legal competence.
  3. Compliance Report: Generating a detailed report during the design stage to communicate necessary information for client satisfaction regarding compliance with The Building Regulations.
  4. Site Inspections: Conducting inspections at statutory stages and relevant intervals to ensure reasonable compliance with The Building Regulations during on-site work.

Our Technical Team's Limitations:

  1. Detailed Design Advice: Providing detailed design advice when not legally competent to do so during design and construction phases.
  2. Approval without Test Data: Refraining from approving details lacking supporting test data demonstrating compliance with The Building Regulations.
  3. Full Document Reviews: Limiting the review of extensive documentation during the Design Phase; preferring concise and relevant information to assess reasonable compliance with The Building Regulations.
  4. Ground Conditions/Fire Safety Assessments: Abstaining from ground condition assessments and advice beyond our purview, deferring such matters to a Structural or Fire Engineer.

While we remain steadfast in supporting and guiding you through the Building Control process, it is imperative to note that, as the appointed Building Control Body (BCB), our role does not extend to proving compliance with The Building Regulations. This responsibility squarely rests with the Client, Principal Designer, and Principal Contractor. Our commitment lies in facilitating a seamless process while adhering to the delineated parameters of our role in ensuring regulatory compliance.