09 Feb, 2023

Kayleigh Wardle-Tubb joined Stroma Building Control in 2018 as an Assistant Building Control Surveyor for our team based in Watford.

Since joining, Kayleigh has become Chartered with the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) through Stroma’s Training Academy and has been promoted to a Building Control Surveyor.

Kayleigh’s role covers the South East region on a variety of construction projects, including single-storey extensions and conversions of commercial properties into residential developments.

We caught up with Kayleigh to discuss how she’s using technology for site inspections, as the industry adapts to COVID-19 restrictions and increased remote working.

How has technology advanced since joining Stroma Building Control?

“Stroma Building Control was originally formed from three Approved Inspectors. Since the merger took place, technology has advanced in many ways. We were working on three different systems; each company had its own way of working, whether it be from paper files to using their mobile phones to access systems.

Since our new CRM system and remote site inspection tool has launched, we are all working on one system, which is accessible through our electronic devices on site. The new system allows us to work more remotely, whether it be from the comfort of our homes, or anywhere that has an internet connection.

COVID-19 has also impacted on how we hold our team and client meetings. With the help of Microsoft Teams, we can still carry this out, but virtually.”

How are you using technology in your everyday role?

“I am using all aspects of technology every day, whether it be using the camera on my mobile phone to take site pictures or quickly responding to an email through the Outlook app if I have some free time in between inspections.

Before COVID-19, I used to have paper files which would have all plans, information about the project, printed email trails etc. With the launch of our new system, I am now able to access all information straight from my phone in one location, reducing the need for paper files.”

How do you feel technology has improved your way of working for the benefit of clients?

“I believe that it has helped us become more efficient and allows us to be more connected with our clients, architects, builders etc., improving communication at key project stages and throughout the construction process.

Our clients can now request a quote directly from our website, which will generate a quote request on our system. The system can then issue the project to the appropriate area surveyor, who will pick up the request, saving the client time to arrange an initial inspection.”

Tell us about one of your projects where technology has benefitted the project outcome, particularly during the lockdown.

“Due to COVID-19, a site manager was only allowing their subcontractors to work on-site, and restricting access for anyone else. The restrictions were in place to protect himself and his staff. With the use of technology, I was able to accept pictures of the site progress, ensuring there were no delays to the project from being unable to attend a site visit.

We came to an agreement that for the site to progress and carry on, I would allow for the site manager to call me via FaceTime to walk me through the site to show the progression of work. The site manager would then send me a file via email containing all the progress pictures that I required at each stage.”

How do you think technology will change Building Control in the next five years? Or what would you like to see?

“I believe that technology will completely change Building Control with the use of drones to complete site inspections. FaceTime and other video calling applications will allow Building Control Surveyors to inspect certain aspects of the works without attending site, as well as the use of mobile pictures to document progress.

The use of technology will no doubt save clients and Building Control organisations time and money throughout the entire Building Control process.”

How has Stroma Building Control helped to overcome challenges of introducing new technology to your role?

“Stroma is always offering training opportunities, whether it be training staff on the launch of new systems or providing training on how to use Microsoft based applications.

The business provides regular communication on upcoming changes, allowing staff to provide feedback, or to suggest further improvements to benefit our roles.”

Careers with Stroma Building Control

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