Stroma Building Control is able to offer a wealth of experience in high-rise residential accommodation, particularly in the student accommodation sector, having worked on numerous schemes around the country.

Projects have ranged from simple 2-storey buildings to high density multi-storey single staircase schemes. Through the provision of a dedicated Client Manager we are able to help avoid possible misinterpretations and communications within the Design Team and overall Building Control process.


We recently became involved in the construction of a student accommodation complex in Newcastle which consists of 5, 5-storey separate apartment blocks which were on an extremely restricted city centre site. The building was partly constructed from timber frame and partly pre-fabricated shipping containers manufactured in China. These units came pre-finished with joinery, shower rooms and kitchens all plumbed to the risers.

While this type of development helped to speed up the construction process, it also created some means of escape issues in relation to extended travel distances. Our early involvement, coupled with a proactive approach and early discussions with the Fire Authority, helped to achieve a satisfactory solution for all parties. The scheme was completed on time to the satisfaction of the client and students. Many, stating the accommodation provides a sense of being ‘home from home’.

Client: Brimms

Location: Newcastle

Sector: Student Accommodation