We have gained extensive experience in the healthcare sector over recent years, having worked on various types of healthcare buildings around the country, ranging from conversions of existing buildings to the construction of new build health centres, and are well versed in the relevant guidance documents such as HTM. Most schemes have included the installation of new MRI Scanners and Lin Acc suites and are heavily engineered due to the control of magnetism and radiation as a by-product of the medical process involved. Due to continuing in-house reviews, we have developed and altered our systems to satisfy specific client’s needs and requirements with regards the speed of delivery from us. The high level of technical support and accuracy of responses ensures that our clients are not left to pick up the pieces associated with miscommunication and delay.


We were recently involved in Building Control process for the construction and development of a new 2/3-storey healthcare facility for Spire UK, constructed on the periphery of an existing live hospital site. The building involved a fire engineered solution and close working relationships with the Architects and Design Team including external statutory bodies, such as the Fire Service, to provide a proactive Building Control service for our client/end user.

Client: Spire Health Care

Location: DD Porter

Contractor: Essex

Sector: Healthcare